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Juan Eugenio Iglesias is a postdoctoral researcher at the Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language (BCBL). He did his Ph.D. at the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at UCLA. His research interests lie mainly within the computerized analysis of brain MRI scans. You can visit his research website here: http://www.jeiglesias.com

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Why this blog

My family and friends know that I'm a researcher. Most of them know that I do something related to medical images. Few of them know that currently I'm focused on studies of the hippocampus. And pretty much no one, other than my boss and a couple of coworkers, really knows what I do.

This wouldn't really be a problem if it wasn't because... well, because these people support me through their tax dollars. And it's kind of hard for us scientists to make a point of why they should keep providing for our daily bread when they have no idea of what we do and of how it can impact their lives.

A big part of the scientific community (definitely including myself) has traditionally struggled communicating their science. So, "better late than never", here's my humble contribution to ameliorating this problem. In this blog, I'll try to post about challenges, debates and advances in the field of Medical Image Analysis. Being a community with thousands of researchers around the World, it shouldn't be hard to find cool stuff to post about here and there. I will also try to post a bit about my own research, for the sake of self-advertising ;-)

Stay tuned!

Greetings from Boston